WESTPORT — Three juveniles were arrested on Christmas Day after allegedly engaging police in pursuit in a stolen vehicle.

Officers were called to CVS around 3:30 a.m. Sunday on a report that three boys had been acting suspiciously, entering and leaving the Westport pharmacy several times. Police said an officer saw a car run a red light on Post Road East that matched the description of the car the three boys left the pharmacy in.

The driver turned down Myrtle Avenue and did not stop as an officer followed with his lights and siren on, according to police. The pursuit ended on Richmondville Avenue, police said, where the car’s driver and a passenger were arrested.

Another passenger allegedly ran from police once they stopped the car, which had been reported stolen in Stamford. Police said the juvenile tried to steal another car, left running in a driveway on Webb Road, around 7:30 a.m. The car’s owner called police when he heard the car crash into his garage and went outside to find it empty, according to police.

A K-9 search and reports from neighbors led police to find the third suspect on Compo Road North, police said.

The three juveniles were charged with second-degree larceny for motor vehicle theft and possession of alcohol by a minor. The boy who had been driving was also charged with engaging in pursuit, operating without a license and failure to obey a stoplight. They are each set to appear in Bridgeport Juvenile Court Jan. 4.