The grange offers a unique shopping experience in Weston

WESTON — As the holiday—and gift-buying—season rolls on, the folks at the Norfield Grange created an opportunity Friday for some less stressful, in-person outdoor shopping.

A Black Friday Trunk Sale took place with 15 or so vendors sharing their wares—homemade craft items and a collection of antiques and collectibles.

“What a beautiful day,” said customer Annie Norman, of Weston. “And this is a much-preferred way to shop and meet our neighbors.”

Lynn Kimberly, an officer with the grange, came up with what she described as a “pop-up idea” to not only get people out, but showcase some of the independent craftspeople in the area.

“It’s just a nice community event and a good way to shop safely for the holidays,” she said.

“We were so excited,” said writer and Weston resident Carolyn Hill-Bjerke, whose table included drawings and paintings by her husband, Wayne “Braino” Bjerke.

“We actually bought a spot inside,” she said, but owing to the lovely weather chose to set up outside.

“And it’s fun to see what else people are selling,” she said.

Likewise, Norman noted that the items being sold were distinct and unique.

“You can’t find this stuff at the mall,” she said.