To the Editor:

Thank you Westport for making the recent Taste of Westport the grand success it was, and for, once again, supporting CLASP Homes of Westport.

CLASP is a 34 old non-profit agency providing homes and opportunities for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Thanking everyone who participated individually is impossible in this space. But among those we can are, first and foremost, the restauranteurs and the other food and drink purveyors who took time from their own businesses to donate to CLASP and to Westport.

We thank our numerous sponsors for underwriting Taste, the local businesses, many of whom have donated since the beginning, for their contributions, and The Westport Inn for, again, acting as our gracious host,

Thank you Matt Criscuolo and Tony Purrone and Beta Petrillo and Bob Russo. Your music made the evening that much more enjoyable.

We thank our generous photographers, Ric Kallaher, Dave Matlow and John Videler, who memorialized the event for us. And Betsy Pollack whose videos of Taste’s restauranteurs captures their support of CLASP.

A thank you to Miggs Burroughs, a long time CLASP supporter, who once again created our stylish program.

Thank you, Lourdes Cummings, Gloria Case and the myriad of volunteers, many who joined us again, to do the big and the little things that made Taste a success — working with sponsors, obtaining auction items, and decorating — to making sure everything looked beautiful and ran without a hitch.

And to our guests, you, also deserve a thank you for helping us, and we hope Taste helped you discover a new place or two to dine.

Tracy Flood


CLASP Homes of Westport

Robin Hammond

Development Director

CLASP Homes of Westport