Seth Eugley, 17, a Staples High School senior, remembers the late Michael Goodgame.

"I went to summer camp with him for many years," he recalled of the older Goodgame, a 2011 Staples graduate. "I remember him being a lot better at soccer than I was."

"He was always really nice to me, which didn't always happen," he said. Goodgame was a junior counselor and set an example of leadership for Eugley. "Even after we came back to Staples, he would always say hi to me."

Goodgame died in February from injuries he suffered in a motor vehicle accident while traveling with members of the Carleton College ultimate frisbee team in Minnesota. His spirit of leadership -- Goodgame had been president of the Staples Student Assembly -- was paid tribute Tuesday night at the assembly's annual variety show.

Admission to the show was charged for the first time in its seven-year history, so proceeds could be donated to Staples Tuition Grants program in Goodgame's name.

"He was a very civic-minded kind of guy, so this is a good way to remember him," said Trudy Denton, advisor to the Student Assembly.

Around a dozen students and a teacher entertained with a wide variety of performance skills, ranging from music to jumping rope.

"I saw it last year and I was blown away by the talent of the students," said math teacher Mike Forgette, who performed "Don't Stop Believing" on his 12-string guitar.

"I thought it went well," bassist Joe Zec said of his performance of a Rush song with two friends. "We practiced just like a little bit."

"We've traditionally had this event during the school day, but we decided we wanted to make this a fundraiser," said Kevin Watt, 17.

"I think this is a nice change on several levels," said Dominic Wynter, 15, who performed a piano piece. "Partly because it allows people more time to play, and partly because the money's going to charity."

"If all works out, we're hoping to make this annual," said Denton.