The Conservative Synagogue will present "Trial of David," an enactment of the biblical story involving the controversial relationship between King David and Bathsheba, on Sunday, Feb. 10. It will take place at 4 p.m. in the synagogue, 30 Hillspoint Road.

The synagogue will be turned into a courtroom for the program, wherein real-life lawyers will portray the trial judge, prosecutors and defense team, according to a news release.

Stephen Krawitz of Westport will play the trial judge, while Bruce Koffsky of Weston and Traci Saxon, both of Westport, will portray the defense team. Westport residents Josh Leitner and Jo Levinson will play the prosecuting lawyers.

Eva Rawiszer, of Westport, will play Bathsheba. Weston High School actors Ross Cohen and Bobby Eddy will portray David and his general, Joab, the release states. Members of the audience will make up the jury. The program is free.

For information, please contact the The Conservative Synagogue at 203-454-4673.