WESTPORT — If you weren’t at the beach last weekend, then the place to be was in your garden.

Ask the 100 or so members of the Westport Community Garden, who continue to cultivate sunshine, serenity, and lots of fresh produce at the Hyde Lane location.

“This is such a hidden gem,” said Kathleen Kiley of Westport, who spent part of Sunday afternoon working on her designated plot.

“It’s just so peaceful,” she said.

People agree, for the garden has a waiting list of people hoping to likewise enjoy a summertime of working close to the earth.

“And there’s so much to learn here,” said Suzy Klein of Westport, noting that other gardeners are always willing to share their experience in helping others improve their crop.

“I love the community aspect of it,” said Alec Head of Westport.

“And we all share our knowledge and we all share our expertise,” he said.