Drivers used to traveling on a stretch of Greens Farms Road without pause will soon have to hit the brakes.

The Board of Selectmen has approved stop signs for both sides of the roadway at the road's intersection with Hales Road, primarily because an overpass there that has been closed since 2008 when it failed an inspection, recently was rebuilt and reopened to traffic.

The stop signs will be re-installed at the intersection where the stood before the overpass was closed three years ago. In the interim, they were taken down since no traffic could enter the Greens Farm Road from Hales Road.

The stop signs are needed again, according to Police Chief Dale Call, because of "line of sight" issues for traffic exiting Hales Road.

Call was asked at last Tuesday's selectmen's meeting if the stop signs had helped ensure safety when they were in place at the intersection.

"We've got 20 years of history that they did make a difference there," Call said. He said there was a fatal accident in that area a year and one-half ago when there were no stop signs. However, a factor in that two-car crash was a dog that jumped into a driver's lap. That driver lost control, crossed over the road's center traffic line and struck a vehicle traveling the other way, killing a 70-year-old Westport resident.