State funds for improvements at Sherwood Island State Park were approved Wednesday by the state Bond Commission, according to an announcement by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The funding will finance the design phase of a pair of projects at the park, financed from a total of $3,804,625 approved by the commission.

The funding is for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to design a new maintenance complex at the park, as well as to design Sherwood Island Lane Bridge.

"Sherwood Island is one of the jewels of Connecticut's state park system," state Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-136, said in a press release. "These upgrades will improve park efficiencies and enhance the enjoyment for all those who visit the park each year. I want to thank Gov. Malloy for his commitment to Connecticut's first state park."

Six months ago, the Bond Commission approved $3.1 million to install a new roof on the Sherwood Island pavilion along with solar panels for electricity and hot water. That funding will also upgrade plumbing and bathroom facilities, the concession area and necessary site landscaping.