Two top Westport school administrators are at the head of their class, as far as the Connecticut PTA is concerned.

Superintendent of Schools Elliott Landon and Staples High School Principal John Dodig were recognized Thursday as the group's superintendent and high school principal, respectively, for the year. The awards, which had been announced in March, were presented to the men at the state PTA's annual awards banquet in Milford.

In nominating Landon for the honor, the Westport PTA had cited his involvement in the districtwide 2025 Vision launched in 2010 with the goal of developing students' critical-thinking, creative communication and problem-solving skills, as well as cutting edge programs like Singapore math, and the addition of "many new and exciting courses at the high school," Sheila Flynn, a past president of the Westport PTA Council, had said when the award was announced in March.

Landon also was credited for meeting regularly with local PTA presidents and, Flynn had said, "in a high-performing district like ours, he truly embodies the message of the Connecticut PTA."

Dodig, who is retiring at the end of this academic year, "promotes a caring, loving and inclusive environment," Wendy Morgan-Hunter , co-president of the Staples PTA Council, said in March.