School officials are warning about the dangers of psychotropic drugs when a Staples High School student had to be hospitalized Monday after suffering "bizarre, uncontrolled behavior" from ingesting some of the powerful mind-altering drugs.

In a message to parents, Staples Principal John Dodig said the student's "behavior was so dramatic that we immediately called the police and an ambulance took the student to the hospital where the child's parents were waiting."

The student had apparently taken the drug in the morning at home or on the school bus, Dodig indicated.

The principal warned that psychotropic drugs have become widely available online, and added, "One of the police officers who came to school told me that this same type of drug was ingested by a high school boy in Norwalk recently and the boy died."

The drugs are marketed under names like "Spice, K2, No More Mr. Nice Guy and hundreds of others," Dodig wrote.

He also advised parents. "There is really no way to detect these drugs. They don't smell and only small quantities are needed, which means they can be hidden anywhere."

Police are investigating the incident, Dodig said, with the hope of identifying the person who provided the drug to the student.

"We ask that you have a serious conversation with your son and/or daughter. After so many years working with teenagers, I completely understand that their brains are not fully formed and, therefore, they often make poor decisions," the principal wrote.

"I know that teenagers are risk takers, thrill seekers and never think of death. That has always been the case and it is as it should be. That being said, it is our job to let them know that these cheap mind-altering drugs have a dark side and must be avoided."