WESTPORT — Members of the Staples High School Chamber Orchestra recently had a chance to experience what performing at Symphony Hall in Boston is like.

The group of string musicians traveled to Boston in early March for a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the hall.

“Our students are already playing at a pretty advanced level,” Adele Cutrali-Valovich, the Staples director of orchestral music, said in a statement about the trip. “We wanted them to see their accomplishments in a wider perspective, compared to the very best in the world. The Boston Symphony exposed them to a great orchestra, giving a great performance, in one of the world’s great concert halls. I saw it as a win, win, win.”

After the symphony’s concert, the students participated in a master class by Benjamin Levy, one of the orcxhestra’s double bass players. “The master class taught us to be aware of the style and mood of the pieces we play, not just the notes, and inject those elements into our playing,” Jonathan Demeter, a senior viola player in the Staples orchestra, said in the press release. “He encouraged us to carry those feelings into our playing to make our level of performance even more challenging and more fun for the audience.”

As part of the class, the students were invited to play on the Symphony Hall stage as an orchestra. “I wanted to give our young musicians the chance to ramp up their playing in that breathtaking space,” said Cutrali-Valovich. “The excitement of the magnificent acoustics and the rich history of all the great musicians who have played Symphony Hall were palpable and my students were truly moved.”