WESTPORT — This weekend droves of Wreckers from the classes of 1987, 1977 and 1967 will descend upon their alma mater to celebrate their reunions.

“My classmates and I are linked by our common experiences growing up in Westport, even though many of us weren’t necessarily friends back in high school,” said Dawn McCabe, of the class of 1977, who will be attending the event. “We found that in spite of who we may have hung out with back then, as adults we’re a pretty fun, albeit eclectic group.”

All three classes will congregate on the football field to take a memorable photo Saturday at 12:30 p.m. The classes will take a picture on the 30th, 40th and 50th-yard lines to denote the years since their graduation. Dan Woog will lead a tour for the classes at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Lauren Caiati, organizer for the class of 1987, said when she came back for her 20th reunion, the building was starkly different than the one she and her classmates inhabited.

“The whole facade of the building was completely different,” she said. “They built like a whole another building in front of the entrance we used to have, and that’s the main entrance to the building now.”

She recalled a time where kids smoked cigarettes in the courtyard during school and “who knows whatever else.”

“There was a whole area of the courtyard that was designated for smoking,” Caiati said.

As far as diversity goes, her class of around 400 was mostly white, similar to the racial makeup of today’s Staples community.

Richard Sandhaus, class of 1967, said he looks back fondly on his time at Staples as a student athlete.

“I have great memories of the camaraderie with my football and track teammates,” he said in an email.

“And I have particularly fond memories of all the schoolmates, faculty and administrators I worked with in student government. (I was President of the Junior Class and as a senior President of the SSO.) I have vivid memories of the rock concerts we produced; and of the process of building the student lounge in the basement of what was then Building 9. Finally, I have wonderful memories of my faculty advisors, Peter Bennett and David Harrison; and of our extraordinary principal, James Calkins,” Sandhaus said.