These days, Amanda Horowitz is as much a part of the 1970s as she is of the aughts.

As a member of the Staples Players, she is playing Val, one of the aspiring dancers in Michael Bennett's award-winning musical, "A Chorus Line," which debuted in 1975 and is being performed this weekend at the school. She also is enjoying a decidedly modern musical moment. A new single she recorded with music veteran Charlie Karp, who first got his start in the 1970s, has made its way to iTunes.

Although she has been part of group recordings in the past, the 1980s-flavored pop anthem, "We're Givin' It All We've Got," is Horowtiz' first single.

It was originally written and recorded in the 1980s, when Karp was with his band Charlie and the Namedroppers. It was released on a record produced by the defunct label Grunge. After Horowtiz aced her audition, work got under way to rework it and release it.

"I've always thought about having a song on iTunes, but I never thought it would actually happen this soon," Horowtiz, 16, said during a recent interview.

Similar words were uttered by Karp more than 40 years ago when he was picked by Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix's drummer, to join him on the road. At the time, Karp was an aspiring 16-year-old musician at Staples, who spent most of his days practicing and playing his guitar.

The older brother of Karp's then girlfriend was a road manager for the band and had arranged for Miles to play at Staples High School in 1970. Low on band members, Miles gave Karp a chance, which quickly led to a full-time gig and an international tour. Karp also performed on Miles' 1970 album, "Them Changes," which featured a song written by Karp, "I Still Love You Anyway."

"I wouldn't recommend this for anybody," Karp, who left high school to pursue his dream, said, laughing. "But I really did get a college education that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else."

He said he was pleased to have repaid the favor Miles extended to him.