A sour, rainy Saturday grounded much of the annual Kite Day action at Earthplace, but enthusiasm soared anyway as youngsters crafted kites to be launched skyward in better weather.

Typically, the workshop at the environmental center and nature preserve takes place outdoors. After making their own kites, the kids then tear around to test their creations' air-worthiness.

Saturday's inclement weather, however, kept all but a smattering of hardy kite fliers inside.

There, kids busied themselves at work tables to make their kites, drawing designs on garbage bag squares, affixing dowels and cutting streamers from newspaper bags.

Program leader Becky Newman was surprised by the turnout. "Even with bad weather, we have a tremendous crowd," she said. "People look forward to this a lot."

Ryan Decker, 7, who had drawn a monster face on his kite, was glad to be attending. "I like kites and I like drawing," he said. "I'd like to fly my kite today if the ground's not too muddy."

Westport parent Rick Hochman liked the event as well. "We love to see the kids make things with their hands," he said.

Even Cub Scout Pack 28 made the journey all the way from Wallingford. "We came to Earthplace to learn about birds and make kites," said Stacy Decker, a parent of one of the boys.