Skipping lunch for exercise, three co-workers from Westport-based Capital Marketing took to Jesup Green recently for a game of Frisbee. With an hour to spare, the trio worked up a healthy appetite anyway.

Westport resident Geoff Shafer exhibited some of the smoothest Frisbee stylings. Jumping in the air, hitting the ground with one hand and catching with his free hand, Shafer seemed part martial artist, part circus performer and part gymnast.

Asked where his eye-catching display of moves comes from, Shafer said, "I've always been active, playing hockey, lacrosse and golf in school, but frankly, just really enjoy Frisbee. I used to play all the time when I went to art school (Rhode Island School of Design), and missed it when I moved to the city. As such, I was thrilled when I found a great company right in Westport with other creatives who valued a little time outside to refresh."

John Vaghi, a 23-year-old Woodbury resident, said he, Shafer and Dan Price of Stamford, get their Frisbee workout nearly every day. It's lunch without lunch.

"I buy a loaf of bread, bring it into work and nibble on it," said Vaghi. "That fortifies me." Of course, Price and Shafer get a piece as well.

Overall, observed Price, "It's nice to enjoy the fresh air and throw the disc around."