WESTPORT, Conn. -- In a small shop at 6 Sconset Square, one can find vibrant and intricate designs from many parts of Europe — like a pillow with a detailed crown stitched onto it, a ceramic bowl shaped like bananas from the Netherlands, silk runners from Italy and a grape-shaped lamp from France.

The shop Sitting Pretty recently opened, replacing DuPont Jewelers, which closed last year.

While it is generally a home furnishing store, jewelry and oddities that fit the shop’s scheme of swanky textures and colors can also be found there.

The shop is owned by Laura Mason, who grew up in Westport and said her works seems to be coming full circle by her return. In March, Mason moved to Weston in anticipation for the opening of the shop.

She recalled being 6 years old in Westport, going through the furniture in her house and telling her mom what needed to be upholstered or what she thought needed to go.

After leaving Westport, Mason found herself at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she studied design.

Turns out, how people dress themselves and their homes have a lot in common, she said. They focus on “shape, proportion, color and making the best of the space or best of the body.”

She moved often before settling in Westport, curating her collection of interior designs and selling many of them from her Brooklyn Navy yard location. But, her city days aren’t over. She’ll be working in both the city and in Westport, getting the best of both design worlds.

The designer, also called herself an architect — of her life.

“Being an architect of your life is really important, being committed in making it happen,” she said.

This was especially important to her in creating the shop. “The hardest thing about opening the store was doing it all by myself,” she said, “but, I can say I did it myself.”