The report of two residential fires simultaneously kept Westport firefighters busy Thursday morning.

The first call came at 11:01 a.m. when a Woodside Avenue resident reported smoke in her house. Three engine companies, the truck company and shift commander were dispatched to the scene, while the only remaining on-duty fire engine remained at fire headquarters, according to fire officials.

The smoky condition was caused when the furnace backfired, fire officials said.

Two minutes later, fire was reported at a Hickory Drive house, where a blaze that started in a toaster spread to kitchen cabinets. An engine company was then diverted to Hickory drive, followed by the shift commander.

But before the first engine arrived at Hickory Drive, the homeowner's son used a portable fire extinguisher to contain the fire ad limit the damage to the cabinets, counter top and walls. Asked if he had training using a fire extinguisher, the son replied, "I just read the label," according to firefighters.