Signs of changing times in Westport

WESTPORT — By reputation, Westporters have always made their opinions known. Whichever side of the aisle or issue they stand on, residents have generally been proud to express their truth in one form or another with frank honesty and clarity.

While there aren’t as many people around town on a given day due to the COVID-19 crisis and closures, there are still messages being gotten out in various ways.

There are signs on stores and in front of buildings that are sharing thoughts and reminders directly linked to a world that is, at least at the moment, very changed.

Some signs are subtler and just show — without words — the fallout of this strange time, like the empty line of school buses hibernating in the yard at the Dattco, Inc., office.

Finally, there is an ever-changing collection of hand-painted stones to be found in crevices and hidden corners throughout town. Each offers a clear message to passersby who come upon them — a positive wish to maintain hope, happiness and good vibrations.

Despite the unknowns and worries floating around the air these days, there are still grounding thoughts to be found in town, provided one wants to look just a little closer and bring them into focus.