Editor's note: This is one in an occasional series of chats with local seniors about their lives, youthful aspirations, sources of pride and regret, plus a bit of wisdom to share with younger folks.

Following is an interview with Frank DeMace, 76, owner of Mario's Place, a restaurant established in 1969 at 36 Railroad Place. DeMace, who started waiting on tables at the old Arrow Restaurant when he was a teenager, credits hard work by himself and his staff for making Mario's Place a favored destination for generations of families. His keys to the restaurant's succcess are a spotless kitchen in which fine food is skillfully prepared and excellent service. Old-timers fondly call DeMace the Mayor of Saugatuck.

Q: How long have you lived in Westport?

A: All my life -- 76 years.

Q: Are you married?

A: No!

Q: Children? How many?

A: Two.

Q: Grandchildren? How many?

A: Three.

Q: Are you retired?

A: No.

Q: What do you do?

A: Own a restaurant.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A: A priest.

Q: What was a significant memory or defining moment in your childhood?

A: Parents told me to get an education. I did in Westport public schools.

Q: Do you have a favorite work of art?

A: Anything by Michelangelo.

Q: What music do you listen to?

A: Frank Sinatra.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: "Scarface."

Q: Do you have a favorite actor?

A: Robert Deniro.

Q: Who was the best President of the United States?

A: Bill Clinton.

Q: If you could tell the President of the United States one thing, what would it be?

A: Get the economy moving.

Q: Do you have any regrets in life?

A: No.

Q: What achievements of yours are you most proud of?

A: Owning a restaurant.

Q: Best piece of advice for the younger generation?

A: Get an education

Q: What brings you your greatest joy?

A: Grandchildren.

Q: If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

A: Winning lottery ticket.