Thomas Gissen and his wife, Lisa, of Newtown, were each charged with one count of failure to halt possession of alcohol by minors.

Newtown police said they responded to a complaint of underage drinking at an after-prom party attended by about 150 youths at the Gissen residence at 2:39 a.m. Saturday.

"An exceptionally large amount of alcohol was found in the rear yard of the property in the immediate of vicinity of several youths," a police report said.

Eight minors were charged with possession of alcohol. Among those charged were Amanda Norling , 18, of Marlin Road; Maxwell Reed , 18, Bankside Trail; Brendan Hintzen , 18, of Main Street; and Jennie Iodice , 18, of Arlyn Ridge Road, all in Newtown.

The identities of the other four charged were not released because of their age.

From staff writer Heather Barr