Children and their families at Saugatuck Elementary School have raised enough money to send two African girls to school in Tanzania.

The schoolwide spare change drive for the SEGA Girls School in Tanzania raised $1,647-- enough money to sponsor two girls for an entire year at the residential secondary school. The school in Tanzania provides education for bright, motivated girls who otherwise would be unable to attend school due to extreme poverty.

The Caring Council at Saugatuck Elementary learned about SEGA from Ashley Moran, Saugatuck's math support teacher, a former board member of the SEGA School in Africa and a supporter of the organization behind the school, Nurturing Minds. Nurturing Minds is a non-profit organization dedicated to change the world through the education and empowerment of girls.

Student members of Saugatuck Elementary's Caring Council went into classrooms to raise awareness, encourage other students to contribute spare change and to champion the effort outside the classroom. The Westport school's goal was to raise $750 to sponsor one girl's education for one year. Double that amount was collected and two girls will be sponsored to attend school. The Caring Council will continue to communicate with the girls in Tanzania as they finish their education over the next few years and a visit is being arranged for a SEGA student to spend a semester at an American school.

More donations for the project are being collected as Saugatuck Elementary students sell drinks and snacks at events around Westport to help support the SEGA Girls School.

For more information, call 203-221-2900.