A borrowed SUV rammed the front of a Post Road delicatessen Saturday afternoon, but the incident caused neither serious damage or injuries.

The crash took place shortly before 1 p.m. when a 2010 Lexus RX surged from a parking place into the front of Gold's delicatessen at 431 Post Road, according to Westport firefighters.

The SUV, owned by Lexus of Westport, was on loan while the driver's vehicle was being serviced.

Firefighters said there appeared to be only minor damage to both deli's storefront and the Lexus. The structure was repaired to make it weather-tight with a follow-up inspection by town building officials.

Neither the driver nor anyone in the store was injured, firefighters said.

The SUV was removed from the shopping center parking after being inspected by a mechanic from the car dealership.