It's official.

The Board of Education has announced that the school district's sixth snow day will be made up by holding classes on Monday, April 14, according to board Chairwoman Elaine Whitney.

April 14 would have been the first day of the schools' week-long April break, she said in an email.

"The Board of Education has had extensive discussions over the last several years about the school calendar in light of a series of significant weather-related events," Whitney said.

"That culminated in the establishment last January of a new set of guidelines for setting the school calendar in a given year," she said.

Whitney said there were two key changes from prior practices.

One was "regularly building in to the calendar five snow/emergency days rather than the three we had previously scheduled," she said.

The second, she added, was "planning and communicating in advance that any days necessary beyond the five which were built into the schedule would be taken from the April break, starting with the first day, and continuing as needed."

Any more class cancellations caused by inclement weather -- spring does not even start until March 20 -- will subtract more days from the April vacation.

The academic year for students is 182 days and the last day of classes is currently scheduled for Friday, June 20.