Representative Town Meeting Moderator Hadley Rose announced his resignation from the legislative body Tuesday, a departure caused by his impending move to Simsbury.

"There is no other group that I would rather have and that I have more confidence in than the RTM," Rose told the RTM at its monthly meeting. "We are such a diverse group with so many talents and skills. We ask the questions that sometimes no one else is willing to ask. And I truly believe we look less at [the town election] in November than any other body in town."

Rose, who turns 65 on Tuesday, was first elected to the 36-member RTM in 2003. He has served as moderator since 2007. He represents northern Westport's District 3. Professionally, he heads Rose Container, a company that specializes in industrial packaging and consulting on hazardous-material shipments.

He will be succeeded as moderator by Eileen Flug, District 9, who has served as deputy moderator since December 2010. RTM members will vote to choose a new deputy moderator.

"Hadley has led us with fairness, efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, with a sense of humor," Flug said. "It's been a pleasure for all of us to have you as our moderator."

After Rose announced his resignation, his RTM colleagues gave him a standing ovation.

First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, who served 10 years as RTM moderator before he was elected to his current post in 2005, also praised Rose.

"I applaud Hadley for his service to this community," Joseloff said. "From what I've read and what I know and what I've experienced, Hadley ranks up there with the top moderators of the RTM. He's conscientious, he's got a sense of humor, he keeps things going and, as a good moderator, you don't know how he feels about a subject."

A Westport resident since 1992, Rose told the Westport News after Tuesday's meeting that he and his wife, look forward to their move approximately 75 miles north to Simsbury.

"It's an opportunity; we're ready to make a change," Rose added. "My kids are both out of Westport -- one of them's been living and working in Boston for a couple of years and the other one is in school in Boston. We'll be closer to them. We can cash out of the house here and get a really nice house up there."; 203-255-4561, ext. 118;