Restaurant Week returns featuring 24 eateries

WESTPORT — The Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce’s Restaurant Week, which actually spans two weeks, has returned.

The event comes as part of the “Eat Local” campaign to promote area restaurants that began with the Slice of Saugatuck, the organization announced last week. The event will run from Sept. 30 through Oct. 13 and features 24 eateries offering a variety of meals and deals.

WWCC Executive Director Matthew Mandell said Restaurant Week provided an opportunity for the town to show its diverse range of eateries and residents to enjoy them at a reasonable price.

“I would stack up Westport’s restaurants against any town or county in the state,” he said. “There’s tremendous vibrancy, diversity of different kinds of food, and our restaurants really try to cater to the residents.”

Instead of a single price for all places, each restaurant has set their own price ranging from $15 to $30 for lunch and $25 to $40 for dinner. Brunch for $15 and up is also being offered by some locations.

As part of Restaurant Week, owners will have the opportunity to show what makes their restaurant unique. Helen Zervos, owner of Tavern on Main, said the two-week event provides an opportunity not only for the community, but restaurant owners as well.

“It brings the price point down and also gets people to come back to try some of our special items we have on our menu,” she said.

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Restaraunts participating in this year's Restaraunt Week

190 Main




Julian's Kitchen

Le Penguin

Mama Chow

Pane E Bene

Pink Sumo

Rio Bravo

Rive Bistro


Rothbard Ale & Larder

Sakura Restaraunt

Spotted Horse Tavern


Tarry Lodge

Tavern on Main

Terrain Garden Cafe

The Gray Goose

The Meatball Shop

Tutti's Restaraunt

Via Sforza

Wafu Korean Barbecue

Tavern on Main will feature a lunch menu that serves two courses for $15. Zervos said the dinner menu will also offer three courses for $35.

Newer restaurants will also participate in the event that recognizes Westport’s diverse array of restaurants.

Joe Choniski, assistant general manager at the Meatball Shop, said while his restaurant has only been open for four months they have already received an overwhelmingly positive reception.

“We’re supportive of the local community and we’re excited to get newcomers as well as new people in our shop to have a good time and enjoy our food,” Choniski said.

The Meatball Shop aims to show off its casual vibe that has attracted customers of all ages, he said. The restaurant will offer a $20 lunch special that will include an appetizer and main course. The store will also have a $30 dinner special that will offer a range of appetizers, such as Mini Buffalo Balls, a main course and an ice cream sandwich with a customer’s choice of homemade cookies.

“We’re also looking to extend the menu soon to have different entrees,” Choniski added.

Restaurant Week is being sponsored by Castlekeep Advisors, WEBE 108 and WICC 600 where radio commercials and contest giveaways to promote the event will be ongoing.

To view the restaurant's participating and their menus, customers can visit