For better or worse, 2013 has arrived.

But as the final hours of 2012 were ticking away, the Westport News conducted an impromptu survey of people downtown to see what their resolutions are for this new year -- presuming, of course, that the dive off The Fiscal Cliff is averted and that yet another monstrous Halloween weather event -- be it a "super" storm or a snowy nor'easter -- does not haunt town.

Karen Como of Westport, retired

"To lose weight, but that's everybody's, and to be a better person."

Ann Moore of New York City, event planner

"I have to start appreciating everything I have and giving back as much as I can."

Nestor Hernandez of Rye, N.Y., retail

"That's hard. I didn't really think about that ... I would say recognize my imperfections, and work on them."

Atley Loughridge of Westport, creative producer

"To be a better teacher, just to be a better teacher. It's hard."

Chris Vatis of Westport, trader

"My new year's resolution is to slow down, just slow down, and be in the moment, enjoy the moment."

Joe Nemchek of Milford, sales

"To not have one, to do the things I want to do constantly. People who have resolutions typically fail them. I resolve to be resolved."

Caroline Beaupere of New York City, interior designer

"It's to organize a big trip next year. I want to go to India and I want to go to South America, and I want to make it happen."

Michael DaSilva-Amogra of Bridgeport, waiter

"I haven't thought of one yet, but it would probably be maintaining a healthy lifestyle--working out, eating healthy--the typical New Year's resolutions, and I just recently quit smoking, so I'll keep that up."

Andrew Ceisler of Westport, financial advisor

"To go to the gym and lose weight."

Mackenzie Samet of South Salem, N.Y., student

"Save money, get a job, eat healthy, go to the gym ... That's about it."

Lisa Samet of South Salem, N.Y., vice president in financial firm

"Definitely to change my diet ...I want to go on a gluten-free diet this year ... And shop less, even though I'm in Westport shopping."

Chris Marnell of New Haven, student

"My New Year's resolution is to learn to appreciate the things around me more ..."

Sarah Epifano of Fairfield, sales

"My New Year's resolution is kindness. That's it -- kindness in all my affairs."

Dick Delbello of Westport, finance

"Two things -- to be on time and to cut as much sugar out of my diet as I can."