A new report by a statewide real estate brokerage confirms what anybody who's shopped for a four-bedroom house in Westport already knows -- they're expensive.

In fact, the average listing price for four-bedroom, two-bath homes listed by Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Westport was the second highest in Connecticut.

Westport's average was $923,422 in the first half of this year, according to a report issued by the brokerage this week.

Westport was exceeded only by Greenwich, where the average was $923,690 -- just $268 more than Westport.

The report is based only on listings on the Coldwell Banker website, so it does not represent all homes on the market.

Weston ranked third in the survey, with an average price of $776,542.

Hartford had the state's lowest average price for four-bedroom, two-bath homes among the brokerage's listings -- $130,123, according to the report. Bridgeport had the ninth-lowest price, $215,378.

The report analyzed the average listing prices for properties listed on coldwellbanker.com between January and June. The report placed Connectcut prices for four-bedroom, two-bath homes as fifth-highest in the nation.