Police remind people who park at the Saugatuck Railroad Station in Westport that extra daily parking in Lot 8 there has been extended through Friday, Dec. 17.

The process of issuing permits for those spaces continues. On Nov. 8, officials mailed 150 permit applications for the spots, with a return date of Nov. 30.

However, a new round of permit applications will be mailed the week of Dec. 6, continuing until the target number of 150 new permits has been issued.

Meanwhile, Nov. 30 is the expiration date for all permits with a November 2010 date. The expiration date is printed on every permit. Anyone with that expiration date who has not yet renewed it, must call the railroad parking office at 203-341-6052.

Renewal letters are mailed out approximately two months ahead of the expiration date. Loss of or non-delivery of your renewal letter does not necessarily guarantee the ability to renew late. These cases are reviewed on an individual basis. Permits which are not renewed are subject to removal from the permit list, officials say.