Registration for kindergarten students in the next academic year is taking place at the town's elementary schools.

Families moving into Westport and parents of entering kindergartners are asked to register their children at this time.

Those not sure of the elementary school in their home district can find the information on the school district's website -- -- or call the superintendent's office at 341-1026.

On the school district's website, information on registration can be found under the "Parent" tab.

Superintendent of Schools Elliott Landon, in a statement about the signups, said: "Please don't wait until the last minute. Let us know now that you are here so we may plan for the optimal education for your youngsters."

To complete enrollment, families will need to provide a completed registration packet (from the assigned school) along with the child's birth certificate or passport, and four proof of residency records, such as lease/tax bill/mortgage documents, driver's license and two current utility bills.

After registering a child for kindergarten, parents will have the opportunity to enroll the child for a "mini-kindergarten" session at the elementary school. Students will visit classrooms and participate in a few activities.