A mix-up at the mailing house with the golden election postcards -- reminding Westport voters where they should cast ballots Nov. 4 -- caused the cards to be addressed to only one voter rather than all eligible voters in a household.

"The postcards are intended for all registered voters at that address and not just the person it was addressed to," Kevin White Sr., the Republican registrar of voters, said Friday.

He said the cards are mailed routinely before an election to advise people which polling station is where they are assigned to vote.

He said the "mix-up" took place as the postcards were being addressed.

White said the cards also list the assigned polling place, the times the polls will open and close (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.), and the local voting district in which the person/persons cast a ballot. The card also advises voters to bring identification such as a valid driver's license, Social Security card or other form of ID to the polls, but that the election postcard will not satisfy the identification requirements.

The registrars said residents can check their registration status on the Secretary of the State's website: www.sots.ct.gov.