Close races in three Representative Town Meeting districts from last week's municipal election triggered a re-canvass by the Registrars of Voters office that confirmed the earlier outcome with only minor changes.

The results from the Nov. 5 balloting that officials re-canvassed last Friday were for seats in RTM Districts 2, 4 and 8 on the non-partisan legislative body.

The following candidates were declared winners:

District 2 -- Louis M. Mall, Catherine Calise, Jay Keenan and Neil Phillips.

District 4 -- Clarissa Moore, Jeff Wieser, Kristan Hamlin and David Floyd.

District 8 -- Wendy G. Battteau, Lois Schine, Carla L. Rea and Peter Knight.

The re-canvass resulted in minor shifts in vote tallies, but did not affect the outcome of the races reported in those RTM districts last week, according to Town Clerk Patty Strauss.

In particular, she said, three ballots in District 8 were rejected after it was found that three people voted for all five candidates in that district, when they were supposed to vote only for four. This, she said, meant all candidates lost three votes each.