A vote that could possibly clearly define the Representative Town Meeting's procedures when dealing with land use issues has been postponed. Originally scheduled to take place at the meeting April 6, it has now been pushed back until at least June.

"It was taken off as there was some confusion as to whether [the vote] had to be held over for a meeting or not. So, I erred on the side of caution that it might needed to have been," said Hadley Rose, moderator of the RTM in an e-mail. "As it turns out, I could have been on this meeting but as I had already posted to take it off and as there was no pressing issue about it, I will bring something back for the June meeting."

The proposed rule changes, which total five paragraphs, sprung to life when the RTM overturned a controversial Planning and Zoning Commission decision that would have allowed the Inn at National Hall, which closed in March, to eventually be converted into office space. Such a renovation is not permitted under the current regulations, but it would have been if the amendment came to fruition.

P&Z decisions rarely go to the RTM for consideration, even though just 20 signatures on a petition are needed for this to happen. It's even rarer for such a decision to be overturned as a two-thirds vote is needed. The last time this occurred was at least two decades ago.

A public dispute between the zoning commission and the RTM followed after the decision to overturn was made. This came to a head when the zoning commission decided to pursue legal again against the RTM. Eventually, though, legal action was taken off the table after it was agreed to in a private meeting that the RTM would consider adopting some rule changes, which were drafted by town attorneys.

-- Anthony Karge