Quality, cleanliness hallmarks of The Waxing Spot

With more than 30 years experience in the beauty industry, Rosemery Fassbender knows a thing or two about waxing treatments. She and her daughter, Veridiana Takemori, also a waxing specialist, recently opened a spa devoted exclusively to these services.

The Waxing Spot, located at 420 Post Road W., across from Whole Foods, is committed to providing safe, clean and comfortable care, the two women explained. Although Connecticut's state health department doesn't require special licensing, Fassbender and Takemori decided to take a four-month class in New York City that allowed them to apply for a New York state license.

"We are very professional," Fassbender said. "We want our customers to feel confident that they are getting the best care possible."

Using only medical-grade sterilization equipment and European-styled stripless wax and implementing the highest standards of hygiene, The Waxing Spot adheres to higher standards than deemed necessary by the state or local health departments, Fassbender added.

A native of Brazil, Fassbender learned the proper techniques for waxing treatments at a young age. "Waxing is very popular in Brazil," she said.

She passed her skills along to her daughter, who worked alongside her in a beauty salon she owned for many years in Brazil.

They moved together to the U.S. eight years ago and presently reside in Waterbury. For seven years, both Fassbender and Takemori worked at a full-service, upscale spa in Ridgefield. They were responsible for its wax treatments.

"The majority of our clients were from the Westport area so we decided to move here," explained Takemori.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut, with a degree in business administration, Takemori feels that she is putting her studies to good use already. They are pleased with the steady flow of clients and hope that business will continue to grow. Takemori said that the ages of her clients vary, ranging from 13 to 75.

One of the services they perform regularly is eyebrow waxing. Both women noted that although they are adept at shaping eye brows, they also are able to correct poorly sculpted brows and bald spots.

"I try to go with whatever shape their brows are in," Takemori said in describing her approach.

She added that 80 percent of the people who come to her have had too much taken off and need to simply let their brows grow out. Offering expert make-up techniques, Takemori helps customers to keep their brows attractive while they wait for them to grow.

Fassbender agreed. She said, "No matter what you look like when you come in, we could help you look better."

And, during her career, she has seen the after-effects of several bad waxing experiences.

"This was one of the reasons we wanted to open our own business specializing in waxing," Fassbender said. "I've seen people who have been burned. I also know many people who go to places that double dip the waxing sticks into the wax. This is not clean and safe procedures to follow. There are also many places where gloves are not worn."

Before The Waxing Spot opened, Fassbender sent her daughter around to local spas and salons that offer waxing services. Takemori reported that the majority of sites visited didn't adhere to the Waxing Spot's strict hygienic standards.

"This is our priority," Fassbender said.

Along with eyebrows, the Waxing Spot also offers hair removal treatments for the rest of the face and upper and lower body.

Without a doubt, the traditional "Brazilian" bikini wax is the most popular service offered, they added.

Using hypo-allergenic wax that goes on like a warm gel, Fassbender said that there is little, if any, pain involved in the procedure.

All services are conducted in well-lit, immaculate treatment rooms. "We want you to feel comfortable," she said.

High quality waxing products designed to ease some of the discomfort of waxing are also available for purchase.

The Waxing Spot's hours are Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday and Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (203) 228-5118 or log onto www.CTwaxing.com