Sure, there's that other election on Nov. 6. But voters of all ages in Westport and Weston have a major decision to make this week.

Which of three buttons will be the all-events pass for the 2013 First Night Westport/Weston -- the annual downtown New Year's Eve festival?

Anyone can vote at -- -- but the deadline is Sunday, Oct. 28, event organizers said.

Those who keep things in order might go for the simple blue and green, with type stacked neatly, top to bottom.

Traditionalists might favor the the iconic Westport Minuteman.

Those in touch with their inner child might like the one that looks like paint is dripping off the numerals "2013."

The three choices were designed by Westport artist Miggs Burroughs of Miggs B. Design, event organizers said in a news release, Each bears the logo of button sponsors Melissa & Doug, the toy and puzzle company owned by Westport residents Melissa and Doug Bernstein.

This year marks the 19th First Night, and Barbara Pearson-Rac, president of the event's board of directors, said voting on the buttons was a way to involve the community.

A button will serve as a single ticket to all First Night Events. They will go on sale in November at locations to be announced, according to the release.

Buttons cost $15, $10 if purchased before Dec. 14, according to the release.