The protesters trying to shut down the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces luncheon were clearly very poorly informed.

Israel's recent election was presided over by an Israeli Arab. A record number of Israeli Arabs were elected to Israel's parliament (Knesset). I myself taught Israeli Arabs alongside Arab and Jewish faculty at the Technion in Haifa many years ago, and wrote a paper with an Israeli Arab graduate student.

Compare this to the West Bank where Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is in the 11th year of a four-year term, or to Gaza, where Hamas suppresses any dissent and hijacks civilian resources for armed conflict. The two Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas cannot agree on anything except a common ultimate goal of dismantling Israel.

To the north east of Israel, lies Syria, where the civil war has killed three times as many people as have died in 67 years of Arab wars against Israel. To the south lies Egypt, where far more people died in a coup than in the recent war Hamas started against Israel. Moreover, it is Egypt that keeps its border with Gaza tightly shut, while Israel provides all supplies, and continues to treat Gazans in Israeli hospitals.

What logic is there in trying to destroy the freest state in the Middle East, namely Israel? Moreover, do the protesters really want another Syria, Egypt, or Hamas state in Israel's place?

Doron Lubinsky

Atlanta, Ga.