Westport's last mobile trailer park is targeted for removal and the town's Housing Authority is asking interested design firms to submit bids by June 21 in response to a "request for proposals," which would redevelop Sasco Creek Village with two- and three-story dwellings.

The proposed revamping of the affordable housing property at 1655 Post Road East will involve removal of 33 existing trailers and construction of 54 new units. The project is expected to cost approximately $10 million and is expected to be funded through state and federal grants.

Sasco Creek Village is fully occupied, and demolition and construction work will be done in phases, said Housing Authority Director Carol Martin.

"They're mobile trailer parks that for the most part were constructed in the 1980s. They were built to the standards of that time and they've become obsolete," Martin said.

The double-wide trailers are split into two housing units each. They will be replaced by two- and three-story buildings similar to those that make up the nearby Hidden Brook public housing complex.

Rent is fixed on the Sasco Creek units, but they are not energy efficient, Martin said.

"They don't represent current building codes, life safety codes," Martin said. "They were brought in on trailers and placed on slabs. It's housing that's below our current standards and not energy efficient. Many of our families are paying energy bills well beyond the rent that they're paying."

The project is expected to be funded in part by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, the state Department of Economic and Community Development, and Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Sasco Creek began as a privately owned trailer park in the 1950s. In 1981, the Westport Housing Authority took it over, naming it Sasco Creek Village.