Re-elect Flug to RTM

I am enthusiastically endorsing Eileen Flug for re-election to the RTM.

Eileen has been a remarkably hard working, conscientious member of Westport’s legislative body. Her intellect and good values have been recognized by her colleagues who have elevated her to serve as moderator.

The town is fortunate to have her in a leadership position and I strongly encourage voters to return her to office.

Ken Bernhard


Backs GOP slate for Board of Finance

Stewardship of Westport under Selectman Jim Marpe and a Republican-led Board of Finance (BOF) has brought our town and finances back to the standard we all expect. Continuing with this successful formula leads me encourage all of Westport to vote for Mike Rea, Clarissa Moore and Iain Bruce for the Board of Finance.

Since shifting to Republican leadership, the BOF has worked with the selectman’s office to improve the quality of our lives. To name a few real impacts, town roads are being repaved and maintained at an aggressive rate, downtown improvements is revitalizing our community, boating marinas upgrades reflect our water assets, and the Longshore Golf Course is setting a high standard compared to our neighboring towns. All of this and more only increasing our operating budget by 2.1 percent while we have met our contractual expenses and pension obligations that easily outpace this increase. Additionally, our average mill rate has increased only 0.01 percent while other communities have seen their taxes surge. I hear across the spectrum from newly relocated, young families to our senior citizens that life feels a bit more affordable.

This BOF has delivered for Westport but they are not leaning back they are leaning forward. They have communicated their desire to work with other town departments to drive improvements at Compo Beach, improve coordination with the BOE and continue the reform of our OPEB obligations while looking for incremental revenue opportunities from assets like our town-owned cell tower locations.

The Republican-led BOF approach is even more important in light of recent announcement by Gov. Malloy’s budget director that Westport will lose more than $400,000 of state committed funds this year alone and future state budgets hold more red ink that will only negatively impact the people of our town.

For these reasons, the ticket of Bruce, Moore and Rea along with Jen Tooker have the integrity, temperament, experience and understanding of Westport. Collectively, they represent the best option to preserve our town while securing a prosperous future.

Steve Obsitnik


Flug backed for new term on RTM

This letter endorses Eileen Flug for re-election to the RTM.

We have known Eileen since her years as a corporate attorney in New York City, easily 20 years.

Westport is lucky to have Eileen not only as an RTM member in District 9, but also in her leadership capacity as chairperson of the RTM.

Her intelligence, sincere interest in and dedication to Westport are evident every day in her community involvement.

We are happy to endorse and support her efforts.

Donna and Norman Beretta