WESTPORT — A Norwalk man was arrested March 3 for allegedly yelling and blocking traffic as a tow truck attempted to move his car, which police had found abandoned in the road.

Police said an officer was called to the intersection of Wilton Road and Ivy Knoll for an empty car stopped in the road. The car was blocking a lane of traffic on Wilton Road, there was no note and the driver had not contacted police, according to the department, so an officer called a tow truck to move the car.

Later, police were called to the intersection of Wilton Road and Post Road West because the car’s owner, Henry Delacruz, had allegedly climbed onto the back of the tow truck and refused to get down. Police said he yelled at officers and the tow truck driver, blocking traffic and causing a scene. Delacruz was arrested and charged with breach of peace.

The 49-year-old resident of Bayne Street in Norwalk was released on a $500 bond as he awaits a March 13 court date.