Podcast and report / Aaron Johnson

Branching into different venues has become the nature of the journalism business. In order to be successful, being a one-trick pony won’t get you very far.

While most have received this message loud and clear, the hard part is being able to find a foothold in a topic or genre that is inviting to report, write, or speak on.

For my own career, that journey has led to writing about high school sports, breaking news in the Park City, and even the political scene in Trumbull.

But while this journalist is far from a one-trick pony, the need for broaden my own horizons has continued to be there. What else could be done? As I began to ponder on that question, the thought of combine two of my passions — journalism and computer gaming — stood out.

After watching students in the media department at Staples — and making several investments for equipment and recording programs — the time came to create a podcast about those passions.

Which is how ‘The Geeky Journalist Podcast’ was born.

While the focus has been on the world of eSports and all things ‘geeky’ — it created an opportunity to delve into another venue that journalist have the possibility to work in with podcasting.

The skills of searching for information has become a foundation for creating quality content, which has been added into the field — while also having the base of seeking and reporting the news.

The topic can be eSports, or it can be focused in the world of traditional sports — as long as it keeps with the rules of what it means to be a journalist.

Whether it is through a keyboard or a microphone, being able to have versatility is the key to success in any field — especially in this one.


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