Photos: Music on Westport's Main Street

WESTPORT — Despite the COVID-related restrictions still remaining in the state, Westport’s Main Street still felt like a happening place on Sunday afternoon.

In particular, a pop-up concert in Needle Park, at the corner of Main and the Post Road, gave people a chance to hear some local musicians live in action.

“It’s just something I started,” said percussionist Dave Rauh, of Westport, who had several different small groups and combos playing sets in the open air just for fun and practice.

“A lot of musicians aren’t doing anything,” he said, but this was a welcome chance to get out and play for people.

“It allows us to practice and have an audience,” said Paula Gallo, of Westport, who was among the performers. “We barely get to ever play all together because of the social distance.”

Jeremiah Long drove down from Madison in order to play with the group.

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to actually see human beings in front of us,” he said.

Along with the music, there were a number of shoppers — many from out of town — out and about as well, exploring a Main Street that’s currently temporarily closed to street parking to encourage foot traffic.