There’s never a dull moment when Cloe is around. Whether this kitty is exploring the tote bag you just put down, hopping up on your desk to see what you’re typing, or sitting in one of her funny poses, she’ll keep you plenty entertained.

And her big, wide eyes make her always look surprised, which just adds to her charm. She’s 8 years old and on the chunky side, so she should continue slimming down a bit in her new home.

Cloe will also need a family who “speaks” cat, as she can be opinionated and likes to do things on her terms. But her sweet side is super sweet, and she does enjoy receiving and showing affection.

To learn more about Cloe, visit the Westport Adoption Center at 455 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880, or call 203-227-4137