Paul A. Ranson, husband of Judy Aley, formerly of Westport, a graphic designer and animator, died June 14, 2010, at Memorial Sloan Kettering, surrounded by family and friends. He died after a brief encounter with kidney cancer. He was 57.

Borne in Hale, Cheshire, England, Ranson was a graduate of Manchester Polytechnic. He arrived in the U.S. in September 1978 and became a U.S. citizen 30 years later to the day. In that time, he transformed himself from an accomplished package designer and corporate identity specialist to a creator of animated images and ideas.

He read voraciously and thoughtfully -- books, The New York Times and the Internet -- reveled in music, new and old, and preferred a bicycle to any other mode of transportation, except his Laguna Aqua Corvair.

He loved thinking, talking, gardening, cooking, vintage suits and shoes, ratty old T-shirts, swimming, dancing and building almost anything. He always enjoyed a glass of wine, even a bad one, as long as there was someone to talk to while it was in his hand.

His life centered around his family, home and business, Ailanthus Inc., in Brooklyn, N.Y.; the family "leisure time" cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania; and his beloved New Orleans, where his ancestors had lived and cooked long before the Louisiana Purchase. His turkey gumbo and French fries will be missed, as will his sharp wit, his generosity and enthusiasm for ideas and experiences.

He is survived by his wife and partner in all things, Judy Aley, a native of Westport; his children, Nat and Ruby Ranson; three cats and two catfish; his mother, Monica; his sisters, Anne, Cathy, Barbara and Juliette, all of northern England; his mother-in-law, Janet Aley of Westport; brothers-in-law, Judsone Aley of South Norwalk and Jon Aley of Redding, a sister-in-law, Jenny Aley-Gold of Silver Spring, Md., and their respective spouses, Maria, Ellen and Steve; and many friends in the area.

A celebration of Ranson's life will take place at the Brooklyn Society of Ethical Culture on Oct. 23 at noon. In lieu of flowers, donations are suggested to Doctors Without Borders or Acton to Cure Kidney Cancer.