Mohonk Educational and Neuropsychological Foundation, a Westport-based organization that provides free therapy and counseling to adolescents and families, is marking its 30th year in existence.

The nonprofit entity began as a home for children who had run away from their own homes, been abused, kicked out by the family or had been referred to the agency, according to a release from the organization.

The program, founded Dec. 1, 1981, by local adolescent therapist and neuroscientist Dr. David Singer as Mohonk House and named after the Mohonk Mountain Preserve in New Paltz, N.Y., offers therapeutic, educational and recreational programs for children, including outdoor activities at its camp facilities in Scituate, Mass.

The agency has been involved in international programs to improve education for children in other countries, such as an entrepreneurial program for Filipino children who make crafts and jewelry sold at crafts shows in the United States to pay for school costs, the release states. Mohonk also shipped sneakers, sports equipment and stuffed animals from Westport residents to Haiti and will collect backpacks for children over the holiday season, the release states.

In addition, Mohonk has been involved in research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., related to the application of what is being discovered about the human nervous system that has direct relevance to child development and education.

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