Three out-of-state men were charged with trying to use counterfeit $100 bills to buy merchandise at local stores Saturday.

The arrest followed a report to police about 3:30 p.m. by a clerk at Olympia Sports on Post Road East that a man was trying to make a purchase using what appeared to be a fake $100 bill. After the clerk refused to accept the money, the man fled the store and left the money behind.

The Olympia employee provided a description of the man and his vehicle to police, and the suspect's car was stopped a short time later on Compo Road North.

After an investigation, police said they determined the three men in the car had attempted to pass counterfeit money at both the local CVS and Olympia Sports.

Westport police continue investigating the incident, in conjunction with the Secret Service, to determine if the men are linked to other counterfeit-money incidents.

The three men taken into custody were: Carlos Feliciano, 27, of Corona, N.Y.; Pedro Diaz, 38, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jorge W. Chaves-Vargas, 37, of Frederick, Md.

Each man was charged with first-degree forgery, conspiracy to commit first-degree forgery, criminal attempt at sixth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit sixth-degree larceny. Each was also held on $50,000 bond.