The incident at a Main Street liquor store Friday afternoon was first reported as a possible robbery.

Then, as a clearer picture of what transpired at King's Corner liquor store emerged, police said it appeared to be a larceny that was a crime of opportunity.

By Monday, police said there was no crime at all -- the $700 believed to have been swiped from the counter of the store at 339 Main St. (formerly Parkway Liquors) turned up in the car of the customer who reported the cash missing in the first place.

The money, it seems, had been inadvertently carried back out to the customer's car along with the liquor she had purchased at the store. Unnoticed at the time, it triggered a call to police when the money was thought to have been stolen.

The female customer came to police headquarters Saturday to report the money had not been stolen and was found in her car.

The incident about 4:30 p.m. Friday had triggered a search for a man in his 40s who was believed to have pocketed the cash when the store clerk was distracted as he helped the customer put her purchase in her car.

The man, police were told, took off in a silver Porsche. That set off a search for the vehicle by police in Westport and other area communities.

A car matching the description of the silver Porsche was stopped a short while later on the Merritt Parkway near northbound Exit 44 in Fairfield.

However, Westport police said at the time they did not believe the stopped Porsche was involved in the suspected theft at the liquor store.

The case, police noted in a terse statement Monday, is now "closed."