WESTPORT — The dust has nearly settled from a controversy last week involving a New Haven detective expected to begin work in Westport, although particles of confusion remain in the air.

Many residents protested Daniel Conklin’s hiring as an officer with the Westport Police department after catching word he was accused of tampering with evidence, and defying department policy in three instances while an officer in New Haven.

Following the pushback from residents, Conklin reportedly rescinded his resignation from the New Haven department.

Westport police has still not received official confirmation from Conklin that he will not accept Westport’s offer of employment, Westport Lt. Jillian Cabana said Tuesday.

“He still has an offer of employment here. It looks like he has taken his job back but we’re just waiting on the formality of the letter,” Cabana said.

Despite the outstanding offer of employment, Cabana said the Westport department has initiated background investigations of additional hires to fill open positions for a certified officer and an entry-level applicant.

“We confirmed with the New Haven chief that he (Conklin) has asked for his job back and has been accepted back to his old position,” said Cabana. “We are just waiting on formal confirmation.”

The department is looking to hire from applicants in the state, Cabana said.

New Haven police spokesman, David Hartman, contested that Conklin ever truly resigned from the New Haven department and said, “He filed a notice to retire but never submitted it to the Board of Police Commissioners. It went to Human Resources but not to the next step. He did not retire. It’s just a matter of semantics. He is continuing his job with the New Haven PD.”

Semantics aside, it does not appear Conklin will be coming to work in Westport anytime soon.

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