Kevin M. O'Grady was handily elected Tuesday to a fourth -- and final -- term as probate judge for Westport and Weston.

He defeated his Republican opponent, Jacob "Jan" Bryniczka, with 57 percent of the vote. The Democrat has served as Westport and Weston's probate judge since 1999.

"I'm certainly very pleased," O'Grady said of Tuesday's result. "I guess my 12 years of experience swayed the voters."

O'Grady also praised Bryniczka. "He was a gentleman throughout the campaign," he said of his opponent.

Bryniczka, a partner at the Berchem, Moses and Devlin law firm, could not reached as of press time.

In his new term, O'Grady said he hopes to offer classes for fiduciaries, such as legal guardians of mentally disabled individuals and executors of estates, to help them better understand the probate courts. O'Grady said these classes would be especially useful since many of these fiduciaries do not have legal representation. Information about the classes will be posted on the town's website, he said.

This will be O'Grady's final term as probate judge. Under state law, probate judges must retire at the age of 70. O'Grady, 64, said he would not seek another term, because he does not want Westport and Weston to have to hold a special election to replace him if he were elected to another term in 2014 and had to step down midway through that term.