WESTPORT — Police have added several charges for a Norwalk woman who allegedly went on a spree of thefts from unlocked cars in November.

Jessica Sullivan was arrested for stealing several items from unlocked cars in the Saugatuck Elementary School parking lot Nov. 15. Fairfield police traced the thefts after finding a GPS and several other stolen items while investigating a crash in the neighboring town.

The 40-year-old was first arrested Nov. 18 on third-degree burglary from a motor vehicle and sixth-degree larceny from a motor vehicle charges. Sullivan has been arrested twice since and received additional charges after more came forward with reports of items gone missing that day in the same or a nearby lot.

Sullivan was again arrested Dec. 13 by Norwalk Police on a Westport warrant, charged with an additional count of each of the original charges. The charges were for the alleged theft of a child’s car seat, reported missing from an unlocked car in the Riverside Avenue elementary school lot. Police said they found the car seat in

Sullivan’s car.

Most recently, the resident of Flax Hill Road in Norwalk was arrested Jan. 30, charged with third-degree burglary and sixth-degree larceny for another theft related to the same string of thefts.

Several items — worth $125 total — went missing from a woman’s unlocked car in the parking lot of Assumption Church on Burr Road, close to Saugatuck Elementary School, according to police.

Police said they found items found at the time of Sullivan’s original arrest were traced to the additional theft.