WESTPORT — A Norwalk man was charged after an assault on an Uber driver outside a Westport restaurant last month.

Steven Valerin, 50, was charged with interfering with an emergency call and third-degree assault — which means there was minor injury or intent to cause injury, police said.

Valerin was arrested on Wednesday for an incident that happened around 1 a.m. April 17.

Officers responded to a report of an assault outside a Westport restaurant and found the victim, an Uber driver that had been parked in front of the establishment, waiting for a fare.

The Uber driver told police a man he didn’t know came up to him and asked him to move his vehicle. The driver told police he moved about 20 feet after the man — who police would later identify to be Valerin — asked.

“The victim reported he was again approached by the male who punched him in the face through his open window after a verbal altercation,” police said.

Then, as the Uber driver tried to use his cellphone to call 911, Valerin allegedly took the phone “and smashed it before throwing it across the street,” police said.

Valerin left the area and the victimw as able to get in touch with police.

Officers were able to find out that the suspect was known as “Steve” and was associated with the band that had been playing at the restaurant earlier int he evening. Surveillance footage from the area was used by investigators to identify the suspect as Valerin.

An arrest warrant was approved and Valerin turned himself in at Westport police headquarters on Wednesday on the outstanding warrant.

Valerin was later released after posting a $20,000 court-set bond. He’s expected in court on May 20.