North Dakota Senate breaks for mid-session vacation

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The North Dakota Senate got an early start on a mid-session vacation.

Senators finished work on bills Tuesday morning. The House isn't expected to finish its work until early Thursday afternoon.

Lawmakers call the break ″crossover.″ The Legislature will resume its 2021 session on March 3.

In the Legislature’s second half, the Senate holds hearings and votes on bills that were first introduced in the House, and the House does the same for Senate measures.

Tuesday was the Legislature’s 34th day of meetings. In recent years, the session has lasted more than 70 days. Lawmakers aren’t expected to finish the session until late April.

Legislators will receive their $186 daily pay during the break. House and Senate floor leaders and committee chairmen are paid extra. When lawmakers are in session, they get their daily pay seven days a week.